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Automatic Coffee Machines

Essential Coffee has a wide range of premium automatic machines for all types and sizes of businesses and clubs. We offer a complete coffee solution matched to your expectations and requirements, which our consultants can help you select

Coffee Machines for Sports Clubs!

Does your sports club need a coffee machine?

We can suggest the right one for your team! We can even help with committee proposals! 

Contact us for a no-obligation discussion or demonstration.

Contactless Payment Options

Upgrade existing machines or add to a new machine, simple, fast & effective contactless payment options.

Attractive, compact options to suit all machines.

Barista Coffee Machines

Essential Coffee has a wide range of premium European machines for all types of businesses. Our consultants can come to you, to understand your expectations and requirements, guiding you to the ideal machine for your needs.

Essential Coffee

Essential Coffee is a specialty roaster and one of Australia’s largest coffee solution providers. We focus on understanding your specific coffee needs. Our consultants will showcase our offerings and work with you, to help find the best solution.

On-Site Demonstrations

Our consultants come to your place of work for a no obligation demonstration of our machines and coffees. It’s equally important that we understand your coffee machine needs, before recommending the most suitable option for you

Onsite Servicing

Our qualified service technicians and espresso mechanics are located across the country and understand that your business is critical.  We aim to provide the utmost care and speed of service.


Essential Coffee is one of Australia’s largest managed coffee solution providers. Our aim is to make the process of choosing a coffee machine easy, ensuring your business needs are matched with our premium hand-made European coffee machines, along with award-winning coffees and associated products. Having installed over 26,000 coffee and 7,000 slush systems into the marketplace, our focus is to be all things coffee, and then some.

Reneka Family Range

Coffee Machines

If you are looking to make great coffee for your customers, then we have solutions for you. See our range of premium European hand  made professional barista and automatic coffee machines.

Essential Coffee

Coffee Beans

The premium beans we use are sourced from the highest quality producers throughout the world, then roasted in-house for the ultimate freshness and taste. Our award-winning blends are lovingly crafted to suit many palates.

Essential Coffee Machine

On-Site Demonstrations

Our coffee professionals are available to visit you for a no-obligation demonstration at your place of work or business. We focus on understanding your business and needs and customise our service based on your requirements and how you want to serve your customers

White Label Roasting

Service and Training

Essential Coffee has a national network of service technicians across the country to ensure your equipment downtime is reduced to a minimum. Our technicians are qualified in their relevant field and can be reached through our customer contact centre 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Online Store

Shop for our full range of Coffee’s, coffee consumables, chocolate, teas and milks, safely and securely through our online store. All orders are dispatched within 24 hours across the country.

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I Luv Slush

I Luv Slush are a range of quality Italian-made slushy and margarita machines for the retail, club, pub, petrol and convenience markets. These machines are of the highest commercial grade quality and are complimented by over 30 flavours of Slush mixers.


Essential Coffee is the recipient of some of the most prestigious awards in the coffee space.

Machines Sold

Since 2001 through the Essential Coffee network across Asia Pacific.


Essential Coffee services Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Philippines & the Middle East.

Days A Week

Our customer service center can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 1300 324 111


Essential Coffee is owned by Australian and New Zealand families and proudly leads the market in the supply of handmade premium quality European-sourced coffee and slush machines, and associated products. Having placed and supported over 27,000 coffee and 7,000 slush systems into the marketplace, our focus is to be all things coffee, and then some. We roast award-winning coffee blends and single origins, that keep our customers coming back for more.

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Our brands

Essential Coffee has been providing coffee solutions for over two decades and distribute premium brands into the market.

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Point of Sale

We support our customers by providing various marketing POS items to help promote their business.

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We believe in supporting our local communities and charities, as well as national charities.  We have an environmental protection policy to promote sustainable living.

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Essential Coffee has a rich history going back to our inception in 2001. See how we have progressed and developed over the years.


Look after your customers and look after your staff with quality coffee you’d expect from a top-tier café at the touch of a button. There’s an automatic commercial coffee machine to suit your needs

How To Clean Out Your Commercial Coffee Maker

How To Clean Out Your Commercial Coffee Maker

To ensure the safety of your customers, the continued great taste of your fresh coffee, and the longevity of your coffee maker, it is important to clean different parts of your machine at regular intervals with appropriate materials.  These intervals could be daily,...


With our commitment to delivering great tasting coffee, our team ensures that every step of the process is carefully managed, from sourcing the finest beans to delivering top-notch equipment. No matter where you are in Australia, you can trust us to bring the perfect coffee experience right to your door.

We like to make sure that everyone has access to Australia’s best coffee solution provider, and so we are constantly expanding and broadening our horizons.


Find us in the following areas:


Queensland – Brisbane, Gold Coast and regional areas.

New South Wales – Sydney and regional NSW.

Victoria – Melbourne and regional VIC.

Tasmania – Hobart and regional TAS.

South Australia – Adelaide and regional SA.

Northern Territory – Darwin and regional NT. 

Western Australia – Perth and regional WA. 


New Zealand 


Papua New Guinea