Warranty Terms

Warranty Information
Essential Coffee Group is proud to have exclusive equipment distribution rights for equipment designed and manufactured to some of the highest standards in the industry.

Each of our machines has warranty terms and conditions specific to the purpose and use of the equipment. After installing your new Essential Coffee machine please ensure you complete and return your warranty card to our head office.

If you have purchased a separate extended warranty from an Authorised Supplier please refer to that warranty for terms and conditions as that warranty has been sold outside of standard terms. We encourage you to register your extended with our main office along with your warranty card.

How to Maintain Your Machine Warranty
The cleaning and maintenance guidelines provided for each machine is an essential component to producing consistent quality beverages that keep your customers coming back.

Make sure you note the following items outlined in your user manual in order to maintain your warranty.

  • What water conditioning system is specified?
  • Is there a specified milk quality and milk refrigeration temperatures specified?
  • Does it specify a type of coffee bean (mix/roasting) and appropriate grinder settings?
  • How often do you need to clean the equipment – daily/weekly?
  • Have I trained my staff to follow the cleaning procedures?
  • At what frequency do I need to replace water filter?
  • What is the recommended period between services?

Quality Consumables
The quality of consumables used can impact the wear and tear of your equipment. It also affects the taste and consistency of the beverages you serve. We encourage all our clients to understand what consumables should be used with their equipment.

The Essential Coffee Group has spent years developing not only the equipment we sell but the right consumables for our beverage solutions.

For all our coffee equipment we recommend using premium beans sourced from the highest quality producers and roasted within the last three months to ensure freshness and taste. Check the beans supplied have passed through a “De Stoning System” to remove any stones or foreign objects that may cause damage to your grinder.

For Automatic coffee systems we have designed our own unique blends of automatic coffee machine milk and chocolate to maximise flavour profiles and increase the performance and reliability of our coffee equipment.