White Label Roasting

Are you a new business looking to grow or an existing business looking for a new supplier of premium coffee blends?

Are you looking to change how your customers perceive your coffee, and your brand? Fill out the form below and we can make that transition happen.

How we work with you

Our espresso specialists will sit with you to discuss your options and even invite you to our roasting facility, where you can sample and help select a blend suited to your business.

You have the ability to select an existing award-winning blend or decide to create your own from single-origin beans that are sourced ethically from the world’s best regions.

With our team of espresso specialists, we can develop blends to suit your business, drawing on our 20 years of experience and utilising some of the worlds best beans. All of the beans we use are sourced from ethical plantations from around the world including certified Rainforest Alliance Coffees and FairTrade Coffees.

We know that there is no one coffee suits all approach, hence our team will work with you to develop blends that are suitable for your clientele, and we can help promote these in partnership with you.

New Brand or Designs?
If you are looking for a new brand or logo design, we can help! Did you want to continue with your own design and incorporate a new coffee blend, we can help as well!

With the support of our marketing team, we can assist in designing and preparing Point of Sale items such as umbrella’s, wind barriers, coffee mugs, menus and more.

If you would like more information or a discussion with our specialists, please contact us at info@essentialcoffee.com.au or 1300 324 111.
Essential Coffee’s Roasting Process
Our Australian Roasting House operates an Australian-made state of the art fluid bed system, the only one of its kind in the country, which produces less carbon emissions and is more energy efficient than most roasters today.

Our technique utilises the latest technology and equipment, ensuring reliable operation, integrated and controlled in an innovative way. Our state-of-the-art roasting equipment produces premium roasted coffee from any origin of green coffee bean with consistent flavour via a precise and repeatable method. In addition, an automatic control method of adjusting the roast conditions to suit variation in green bean behaviour has been developed.

The dynamics of the heat transfer during roasting are such that it allows every bean to be processed to the same end-point condition of temperature and time. This guarantees that the coffee flavour is at equilibrium, resulting in no bitter flavours, consistent moisture content, a good strong aroma and increases shelf life of the roasted coffee (as whole beans).

Our commitment to the environment is evidenced by our roasting technology. Currently, the main roaster is heated by natural gas and does not require an afterburner to remove smoke and odours, these are processed back through the unit and turned into energy. This means our roaster produces less carbon emissions than 99.9% of the roasters on the market.

If you would like to get involved or would like more information, please contact us at info@essentialcoffee.com.au or 1300 324 111