Are You a Coffee Snob!?

I often run into people who ask what I do and when they hear I that I run a coffee company, they tell me that they are coffee snobs, self-proclaimed.

When I ask what type of coffee they like, the response I often receive, is usually a brand of coffee or less often a style of serving coffee i.e. flat white or espresso.

But what about the type – the roast, the origin, the flavour? Many coffee roasters offer different coffees with very different profiles to suit the preference of different coffee drinkers.

At Essential Coffee, we have more than a dozen coffee blends with varying origins and flavour profiles to suit the palates of many different coffee snobs around the country and the world.

Understandably, I am yet to find one coffee blend or single origin that is everyone’s favourite. If only I could!

Similar to beer, whiskey’s and wines, there isn’t a one size that fits all for coffee.

As a wannabe coffee snob, I encourage all other wannabe coffee snobs to ask their favourite barista or roaster about the origin(s) and roast of their favourite “Cup of Joe”. Every good barista or roaster should know that about their favourite coffee as should every good coffee snob.

With that knowledge comes the ability to potentially move between brands and find more coffee blends that you like, irrespective of whether you drink your coffee with penguin milk, or via some body part of a tiger. It also gives you better credibility because as a self proclaimed coffee snob you should know this.

Note – As a friend of animals, I do not support either milking penguins or drinking through tiger’s parts. Penguins and tigers are beautiful and should be respected. Further, penguins probably would not like to be milked, and you might find it difficult because they don’t actually produce milk. They also don’t love humans getting too close to them as I have discovered when I have tried to rescue some from other animals whilst on surf patrol at Bondi!

Todd Hiscock