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Look after your customers and look after your staff with quality coffee you’d expect from a top-tier cafe at the touch of a button.

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People from all walks of life have become besotted with the premium coffee now offered by cafes & restaurants across Australia and the wider world. The reason behind this? Professional and talented baristas operating the latest in commercial coffee machines for sale.

With a full collection of barista coffee machines, automatic coffee machines and steamers, auto tampers, coffee grinders, and more available, commercial cafes, restaurants, hotels and other hospitality venues can now offer an industrial scale of delicious coffee with a machine that leaves it far easier to achieve perfection at speed, without compromising on quality.

At Essential Coffee, our selection of industrial and commercial coffee machines for sale have been expertly crafted and designed to best look after your customers, but also your staff. Browse our full range available online, or contact us today for more information.

Why Choose From Our Extensive Selection of Commercial Coffee Machines for Sale?

Essential Coffee distributes premium European manufactured barista and commercial automatic coffee machines, for both small to large businesses, cafes, restaurants, clubs and more. All of our machines feature state of the art technology and have been designed with modern styling, functionality and simplicity, whilst producing the perfect coffee! They are supported by our local network of professional service technicians and can be purchased outright or through financing options. 

The Benefits of Introducing Industrial Coffee Machines into Your Operations

To make sure you are serving the best possible coffee to your customers, you need a professional, commercial coffee machine built to handle large volumes of eclectic orders and provide consistent results. By working with Essential Coffee, you can introduce a range of additional benefits to your business, including: 

High capacity

Commercial coffee machines have a much higher capacity than domestic alternatives, so they can handle a variety of coffee orders at scale. This is ideal for busy cafes and restaurants that need to be able to turn over a lot of orders to reduce wait times. 

Consistent results

Our well-manufactured industrial coffee machines for sale produce consistent results every time, leaving your coffee tasting the best it can, no matter who makes it, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. 


Commercial coffee machines from Essential Coffee are also built to last, withstanding heavy use and making thousands of cups of coffee over their lifetime, delivering a strong return on investment.

Easy to use

Despite the range of professional features available, each industrial coffee machine in our selection is easy to use, meaning you can train your staff quickly and easily, and get them making great coffee in no time.

Stylish design

Our commercial coffee machines are available in a range of styles to suit any business décor. From sleek and professional designs to traditional and vintage styles, you’re sure to find a machine that fits seamlessly to elevate the aesthetics of your café or restaurant.

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