ILC-700 Coffee Grinder


On Demand Espresso Grinder. Classic cast aluminum body for an optimized heat transfer. 4 programmable recipes, low noise level for a quiet working environment.

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– Hardened steel burrs for a better taste experience
– Classic cast aluminium body for an optimised heat transfer
– Reliable on demand mechanism for fresh coffee and for precise individual dosing
– Large built-in grinder for faster grinding
– Steady ground coffee flow with with minimal retention for less waste and consistent taste over time
– Stepless centralised grind size adjustment for a quick and convenient set-up
– Edgeless shape and sealed surface guarantees easy cleaning and prevents residues
– Universal portafilter support allows handsfree grinding
– Heavy and extra-stable design fulfilling high quality claims
– Low noise level for a quiet working environment

– Four programmable recipes: single/double/tripe shot/jug
– Two running modes: flush modes, barista modes

– Burr diameter 64mm
– Burr type: Flat
– Burr material: Hardened steel
– Grind speed* 2.5 – 3.0 g/s
– Bean hopper capacity: 1.5kg
– Power: 350W
– Dimensions(l x w x h): 350 x 210 x 570mm
– Net weight: 11.5kg
– Gross weight: 13.0kg

*Depends on the grinding goods and the chose degree of fineness. All measured under laboratory conditions.

Other electric specifications available on request. Subject to change without prior notice


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