What makes our Essential Milk, essential…

Are you someone who would turn your nose up at coffee made with powdered milk? Don’t be shy… let’s talk about perception in a minute. Or are you a big fan? In this story we’ll give you some examples of the benefits, talk about what our Essential Milk is made up of, and talk with our Head Roaster, Phil, about taste.

Master Chef’s favourite saying “we eat with our eyes”, applies to coffee in that we also drink with our eyes. But our perception of a product is often influenced by the media, and we have been lead to believe that convenience coffee is of a lesser quality than barista coffee.

But when was the last time you tasted a coffee from a self-serve automatic coffee machine? Yes, years ago it may have been less than desirable, but thanks to technology and product development, I bet we can blow you away with the taste and quality of a coffee from our Espresso Essential hand made Italian automatic machines! Yes we also supply and promote our French hand made Reneka barista machines, which we love, but not every business has the space or staff, so thankfully we can offer options for businesses that want automatic fresh bean coffee.

So what is our Essential Milk made up of? This powdered milk contains 95% milk solids, the balance of the 5% is made of dextrose derived from corn and anti-caking agent. These ingredients are added to help the milk flow freely.

Did you know that our Essential Milk is 99% fat free? The majority of the sugar in the product is natural sugar found in real milk called Lactose, this sugar is also found in fresh liquid milk at similar levels. Typically fat free milk has a slightly higher amount of sugar to compensate for the fat taken out.

An alternative to our Essential Milk – is our Premium Milk – which contains a more balanced nutritional offer of both fats and sugar content. The sugar per 100ml is slightly lower at 4.9g per 100ml which is more representative of fresh milk. Premium Milk is also a great option as it tastes more like traditional milk and is less sweet.

Our Head Roaster, Phil, often runs cupping sessions for our staff and customers, so has a good understanding and knowledge of flavour profiles. When asked about what makes a good milk coffee, Phil comments “85% of Aussies order a white coffee such as flat white, cappuccino, latte etc, so milk plays a big role in how coffee tastes. Our coffee blends which are made for our automatic coffee machines are roasted to suite the flavour profile of our Essential Milk powder options for a silky smooth taste.”