Automatic Coffee Machines

Look after your customers and look after your staff with quality coffee you’d expect from a top-tier cafe at the touch of a button.

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Essential Coffee has an automatic commercial coffee machine to suit your needs. Our machines are:

  • Cost efficient
  • Hand crafted European machines
  • Low maintenance
  • Innovative technology

Essential Coffee distributes premium European manufactured commercial automatic coffee machines, for both small and large businesses, sporting clubs, retirement villages, associations and more. Our automatic coffee machines are easy to operate, producing a cafe-quality cup at the touch of a button, making them the perfect choice for your office. If you are looking for an office coffee machine that can produce over 200 cups a day, a vending option or simply something for your staff, enquire with us today!

Fully Automatic Coffee Machines for Businesses & Offices

Our machines feature state-of-the-art technology and have been designed with modern styling, functionality and simplicity, whilst producing the ideal coffee! They are supported by our local network of service technicians and can be purchased outright or through financing options. If you are unsure on which machine will suit you, please contact us to speak with one of our friendly staff for assistance.

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Cost-Effective Coffee Machines for Busy Offices

Even internally, our commercial automatic coffee machines can be far cheaper to run over time than common counterparts can. Our premium freshly roasted coffee beans generally work out cheaper than pods or capsules on a “cost per cup basis”. Over time, you’ll reap the benefits of fresh-ground coffee for less.


Wide Range of Drink Options


Never settle for a machine that doesn’t meet your needs. Our automatic commercial machines can produce anywhere from 65 cups per day to 240 an hour (one every 15 seconds). From the smallest workspaces to the largest offices, our range of automatic office coffee machines mean there’ll never be a queue for coffee. For the most particular of coffee enthusiasts, you’ll find an automatic coffee machine that can deliver to your tastes. With the touch of a button, our machines can produce:

  • Mochaccino
  • Café latte
  • Flat white
  • Cappuccino
  • Espresso short
  • Hot chocolate
  • Extra shot
  • Milk dash
  • Hot water
  • Espresso long


Cafe-Quality Coffee at the Touch of a Button


Each of our automatic commercial coffee machines offers its own advantages and benefits beyond the ordinary, so there’s always a model to suit your workspace. If you’re particular about exact 7g or 14g shots, or even having your cups warmed, we’ve got you covered. Our fully automatic coffee machines are designed to do as much of the work as possible for you. They can handle the grinding, coffee extraction, milk frothing, and preparation – all at the touch of a button, no matter how you take your coffee.

Easy to Use, Even Easier to Clean


And once you’ve finished making coffee, our commercial automatic coffee machines go a step further. Most models come with complete cleaning capabilities, such as automatic milk mechanism cleaning and decalcification. This means you can expect fresh, fragrant coffee in a fraction of the time. And in a workplace where time is money, your staff can stay on-task without forfeiting the quality of their coffee.

Coffee of this quality is as much a luxury as it is a necessity. For busy offices looking to reward their avid coffee connoisseurs, certain machines come with the option of a token/coin system. Take a browse through our fully automatic commercial coffee machines, and find yourself the ideal mechanical barista.



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